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School, Study and Work

Do you have difficulties concentrating and focussing at school, at work or at home while studying?
Neurovaleo Neurofeedback Sitges offers personalized training programs that will help you to be able to focus and be present for he full 100% whenever you want to and need to be.



For general wellbeing

Do you struggle to manage the stress at work or home, or do you feel that life´s challenges hold you back from fully being relaxed and able to enjoy life?
At Neurovaleo Sitges we offer a personalized assessment and training consisiting of neurofeedback and audiovisual entrainment to help you go trhough life much more relaxed and happy.


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In Business, Sports and Stage arts

Competitive sports and high level business management are frequently associated with intense physical and mental effort. Performing under extreme and challenging circumstances make it difficult to perform at your best. 
Neurovaleo Sitges helps your ability to experience being ´in the zone´ or in the ´flow´, a mental state which is scientifically proven to be the state in which peak performance is being reached.


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Improve your sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up frequently durng the night? Or do you wake up too early and are not able to get back to sleep? Do you wake up feeling tired even if you have had your hours of sleep?
At Neuroveleo Neurofeedback Sitges we help you with a personalised training to get back to being able to get a good nights rest.

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