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If you feel held back in reaching your personal peak performance by negative thoughts, anxiety,
stress. pressure or challenging circumstances, Neurofeedback Sitges will help you boost your level of relaxation, mental calmness and 
resilience to reach your desired level of excellence and to confront life´s challenges more effectively. 

Neurovaleo Neurofeedback Sitges is specialized in the assistance of professionals, students, athletes, performers and individuals who aim to reach their own full potential.


Your job can be so demanding and carry such a high responsibility that it is absolutely necessary to be able to focus 100% and be present 100%. You want and need to be able to control your stress and anxiety levels so they dont intervere with your professional abilities and focus.


Do anxiety and stress, caused by the urge to perform well or by life´s challenges, make it more difficult for you to concentrate and study as you would like to or need to? Neurofeedback training can help you calm down your feelings or stress and anxiety and at the same time, improve your abilities to focus and concentrate. 

For athletes it is very important to be able to control their level of excitement and competitive
anxiety to be able to perform in ´the zone´ and reach their peak performance. You can reach your personal peak performance with the help of neurofeedback training!

On Stage Artists
Being a stage performer, public speaker, singer or dance, you want to perform your very best on
stage and not be held back by unwanted stress and anxiety that get in the way of your ability to fully be present and focused on your performance. 

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